Phone – Black Rotary Dial Telephone 746F


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Manufacturer: GPO model no 746F DFM 79

The 746 was first introduced in 1967 and was available to all subscribers by 1970. It was a lightweight plastic instrument which incorporated a balanced armature receiver. All the components, including the gravity switch, were soldered onto a printed wiring board which was mounted on either metal or plastic base. One or two optional switches such as the 5A-4 (used for recall) or the 23A-1 (used for bell on/off) could be added.
The 746 was available in seven standard colours, see the bottom of this page for further information. With the advent of new style wiring the 746 was renumbered the 8746 and was fitted with a 4000 ohm high impedance bell and a new style line cord fitted with a 431A plug. This model was also available in Brown.
The 746 table telephone measures 121mm high x 146mm wide x 229mm deep.