What we do

We’re not a traditional prop house. Through our location management sister company SPACE-2 and our partnership with BT, we are able to access items contained within hundreds of properties, predominantly offices and telephone exchanges. Typically we find office furniture and IT, communication and testing equipment. Our focus is on items dating from 1960s-1990s (although we can also access modern furniture). Buildings frequently contain old first aid rooms, canteens and games rooms too. The scale we work on means we can often obtain items in bulk. If you need multiples of lockers, filing cabinets, seating and IT equipment etc from the second half of the 20th century, we’re the people to come to.

Where we are

As we have access to locations all over the UK, we can operate nationwide. We have a base in Ealing which serves as a collection and return point and a stock room for visitors to see what we have collected so far. We hope to do the same in the Midlands and the North, but until then, if you are further afield then we can search for stock in buildings local to you and potentially arrange for a local collection to be made. We also have a residential mid-century collection in Kineton, Warwickshire, just off the M40.


How we work

Your items may already be in stock at our base in Ealing, however it may be necessary for us to pick up items from different sites to fulfil your order and bring them together in a convenient location for you to collect them. We arrange this on a case by case basis according to what suits the project.

We also have plenty of storage space, so keep us in mind at the end of your production if you are looking to sell your period props or put them into storage.


Company Reg No: 8825379

VAT No: 254 196 396