Desk – Metal with Drawers


Art Metal Construction Co

1929. British Industries Fair catalogue.

of 199-203 Buckingham Palace Road, London, SW1. Showrooms at Kingsway, London, WC2. Telephone: Sloane 5201 (3 lines). Cables: “Artie, London” (1929)

Ditto all (with 10 telephone lines). (1947)

1914? Supplied sliding fire-proof steel doors for the interior of the passenger liner ‘Aquitania’. [1]

1929 Advert for Steel Office Equipment. Shelving, Filing Cabinets, Cupboards, etc. Also Desks, Tables, Safes, Bookcases, Card Index Cases, Planfiles, Plandrawers, Wastepaper Baskets, Letter Trays, Counter-height Equipment, Steel and Bronze Interior Equipment for Libraries and Banks. (Stationery Section – Stand No. R.17) [2]

1947 Listed Exhibitor – British Industries Fair. Manufacturers of Steel Office Furniture and Factory Equipment including: Desks, Tables, Filing Cabinets, Card Index Cabinets, Vertical Planfiles, Cupboards, Shelving and Bins, Partitioning, “Postindex” Visible Record Systems and “Machine-Postindex” Accounting Systems. (Olympia, Ground Floor, Stand No. B.1440) [3]