AKAI 3000D Reel-to-Reel Recorder (1968-71)


The 3000D (precursor to the 4000D) was a four-track stereo tape deck with no power amplifiers or loudspeakers and not even any playback volume controls, but it was packed into an attractive compact, walnut-grained cabinet and had all the tape facilities needed in a home music system.
The recorder could be mounted vertically or horizontally and the inputs and outputs were located in a recessed panel on the left-hand side—all except the two microphone input jack sockets which were on the deck itself.
Separate record and replay heads and pre-amplifiers were fitted so that accurate A-B testing could be achieved via a switch on the front panel of the deck.

Price When New UK £99
Heads Three
Motors One (Induction)
Tape Speeds 7½ & 3¾ ips
Frequency Response ( 3dB) 7½ ips: 30Hz – 21kHz – 3¾ ips: 30Hz – 14kHz
Wow & Flutter (less than) 0.15% RMS at 7½ ; ips and 0.22% RMS at 3¾ ; ips
Signal to Noise Ratio better than 50dB
Rewind Speed 150 seconds for 1,200 ft tape
Inputs microphone – 0.5mV 30K, line – 50mV 30K
Outputs line – 1.23v at 0 VU, stereo headphones 8Ω
Dimensions 12 x 15¾ ; ; x 7½ ; (302 x 405 x 180 mm)
Weight 25¼ ; lb (11.5 kg)