Pop-up Interiors – An Evolution in Retail Space

Pop-up Interiors – An Evolution In Retail Space

Pop-up has been around for some time – often a PR–led retail campaign or a chance for independent retailers to try high street locations but always encouraging creativity in terms of how vacant units can be transformed. Pop-up benefits from not having to consider long-term durability of fixtures and fittings as often the space is only occupied for between 1 and 3 months. It also has the advantage of being able to create more flexible layouts to support a wider range of activities ranging from drinks receptions to seminars to recruitment and training.

With this in mind, the design, layout and theme of the spaces can be influenced by the fixtures and fittings as much as the other way round. Retro furniture, reclaimed light fittings and old counters can create an ambience often missing from typical high street stores. Add-in ladders and scaffold boards for shelving, wooden crates for displaying product and rush matting for the floors to complete the effect.

In order to stand out in this digital age sometimes looking back is the best way to take products and services forward. Using the fixtures and fittings  of the past or reimagining items from yesteryear to create immersive and engaging consumer experiences is the future.

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