Guest Contributor Interview: Craig Jenkins

We recently caught up with aspiring art director, Craig Jenkins, about his passion for TV & film design and how he got into the industry…

How did you get into set dressing and prop buying?

CJ: I worked in professional theatre for years and wanted to go further and as I have always loved film and television I decided to make the transition. I have only been working in the film industry for a few years and still trying to make my way into it. The creativity and challenge of creating the environment making a movie that will be seen by so many, it’s great.

What is your favourite era/decade of sets? (I.E. 60s, 70s, modern day etc)

CJ: I have no one favourite set piece I prefer to work on all different kinds so I have variety and diversity. But if I had to pick a few it would be a science fiction set, a period piece say in war times and fantasy like Game of Thrones.


Game of Thrones Set

Do you have a favourite prop, perhaps one you have bought or worked with in the past?

CJ: I have bought many props and don’t have a favourite as of yet.

Favourite production you have worked on/would like to work on?

CJ: So far, my favourite would be “A United Kingdom” which was set in the 1940’s, the style and look was brilliant and helping to re-create that time period, for me it’s like time travel.

On the set of ‘A United Kingdom’


Favourite TV/film genre to work on?

CJ: Any genre of film would be amazing to work on.

Craig is based in Yorkshire and currently working at the Alhambra Theatre in Bradford. He is available for TV & Film work and can be contacted via LinkedIn and other crew databases.

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